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Made For You was founded by Lithuanian-born fashion designer with a lifetime of experience worldwide, after a captivating experience many summers ago. This all began on a hot day in sunny California, when she was first introduced to trying on a pair of wool slippers. Naturally, she felt skeptical about wearing anything made of wool in the summertime, thinking that perhaps a wool slipper would be most useful in wintertime. Reluctantly, however, she decided to give the wool slippers a try. The skepticism she possessed was immediately transformed into glee! A fascination with wool slippers led her to explore the art of producing an improved version of these slippers, with the original purpose of gifting them to the loved ones. 

Soon she gathered a team of like-minded and enthusiastic people to work on the idea that originally started out as a gift idea for her own family. The team has worked tirelessly to bring you the product while striving to maintain high productivity using this ancient, beautiful, and comfortable material that nature provides.

Today, after endless work and re-design, we wish to extend this experience to you and welcome you into our family.


We hope you enjoy these slippers especially Made For You


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