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Limited edition, Handmade 100% Premium wool slippers provide women with a level of comfort and royal treatment they deserve whether they are working hard or taking it easy. The design was inspired by nature and the personal desire to make every woman unique and pretty in her home shoes.


. NATURE ALWAYS BEATS SYNTHETICS - Made For You women's slippers are made with 100% premium sheep wool to provide you with the highest quality of comfort for your feet and to further the global movement of increasing our ecosystem's sustainability

. EASY CARE - Wool slippers with the fascinating complexity of wool fibers allow for their long-term use without worrying about odors sticking around, all the while not having to constantly wash them as they prevent dirt and spills from being absorbed. Most importantly, wool is known to be so lightweight and ergonomic that it allows all parts of your feet to distribute your body weight for all-day comfort evenly!
In detail, our fantastic wool slippers are:

• A material is naturally grown on mammals to regulate their body temperature during all weathers and climates, which now provides the same benefits to your feet.

• Uniquely structured, which means it won't allow the build-up of unpleasant odors, so you can keep wearing the same slippers for days on end.

• Easily cleaned up by dusting or wiping since dirt sits on the surface of the fiber. If wet or washed, it dries quickly and is flame-retardant.

• A very flexible material and arch support insole cushion that supports joints and different pressure points on the body. This feature of wool makes it recommended for those who suffer from painful rheumatism or arthritis as it decreases triggers for pain.

 • A lightweight material that is considered one of the strongest and most resistant in the market today, which means your slippers will last you longer.

100% Wool Slippers with Handmade Pom -Pom Purple Flower -arch support - Beige


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