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The design was inspired by the vibrant purple chrysanthemum flower. Regina comes from latin and mean queen. The etymology of chrysanthemum is the combination of Chrysos which means gold and Anthemum, flower. This flower symbolizes cheerfulness and good spirit. This purple flower reflect an unique beauty that’s accompanied by devotion and loyalty.


Because all our flower designs are handmade, each one is unique in appearance. We thank you for your appreciation of this detailed craft when your pair of slippers displays small variations from the website photo. We are working tirelessly to provide you with a piece of perfection in your home.

Regina Chrysos Grey

  • The slipper shell is hand made out of 100% premium wool. They are equipped with non-slip rubber soles to ensure your safety and arch support midsole to cushion your feet. The flowers are made out of Merino wool that is both delicate and unique. Slippers are very light, a pair weights only 10 oz (~300 g). 

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